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Cub Scout Pack 752
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Volunteering for the Pack

Volunteers are always needed!
There is a LOT of work that goes into creating a quality program for our boys.  All leaders in the Pack are volunteers.  Each year, boys leave the pack and bridge over to Boy Scouts; with them go the veteran volunteers that have served the Pack for years.  The Cub Scout program needs every parent/guardian to help out, even if in a small way.  Join an event committee, or talk to one of the adult leaders in uniform to volunteer for one of the many leadership roles in the Pack!


Membership in Pack 752 is $110 for the year starting in September.  This funds the following:
  • National BSA membership fees and pack chartering
  • Boys Life magazine subscription
  • Most Patches and Awards
  • Materials for Den and Pack Meeting activities
  • Pinewood Derby Kit
  • Raingutter Regatta Kit

Uniform and Handbooks

Cub Scouts love their uniforms!

Class A

The "Class A" uniform is an important part of the Scouting program.  It identifies the boys with their rank and gives them a sense of belonging to a den, the pack, and Boy Scouts of America. Scouts enjoy wearing their uniform.  They should wear it to all den meetings, pack meetings, and special pack activities.  

The "Class A" uniform for Lion through Bear Cub Scout is the official navy blue Cub Scout shirt. For Webelos, it is the official brown Boy Scout shirt. Each Scout should have the following uniform items:
  • Navy blue Scout shirt (includes USA flag patch)/Brown Scout shirt (includes USA flag patch)
  • Blue woven belt with belt buckle
  • Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelo Cap (based on rank)
  • Neckerchief - Orange for Tiger, Yellow for Wolf, Blue for Bear, Checkered for Webelo
  • San Diego - Imperial Council patch
  • Pack 7 5 2 numerals
  • Den number patch (ask your Den Leader if unsure)
  • Neckerchief slide (either rank specific, Cub Scout standard, or handmade)
  • World Crest patch is optional
  • Cub Scout pants, shorts, and socks are optional.  Most of our boys wear denim pants or shorts.

Scout Handbook

There is one handbook for each rank in scouting.  The handbook contains a list of requirements for advancing in rank, as well as a list of optional activities or projects that can be done as part of the program.  Your Den Leader will use this book to guide the Den meetings and outings.  The handbook is one way that you and your son can track his progress through the scouting program.

Class B (optional)

The "Class B" uniform is a Pack specific T-shirt that is sold primarily at the beginning of the school year.  These T-shirts are worn on den outings or summertime pack activities.  They help identify the boys as being a part of a larger organization.  There are Class B uniforms available in adult sizes as well!

Adult Uniforms (optional)

Certain registered adult leaders (such as Den Leaders and the Cubmaster) also wear "Class A" uniforms, but otherwise attending adults need not wear them.  A "Class A" uniform for an adult leader should have the following:
  • Brown Scout shirt (includes USA flag patch)
  • San Diego - Imperial Council patch
  • Pack 7 5 2 numerals
  • Leadership Position patch
  • Den Number patch (if you are a Den Leader)
  • World Crest patch is optional
  • Official Boy Scout pants, shorts, and socks are optional.  Most of our leaders either wear the official clothing, or use olive pants.
Class B uniforms are available for adults, and most of our parents wear them when going on outings with the boys.


Fundraising is important for continuing the top notch program we have in place.  The proceeds from Fundraising supplement the annual dues, and allow our Scouts and their families to participate in special pack ceremonies and outings without additional cost.