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Cub Scout Pack 752
(Oceanside, California)
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Cub Scouting is designed to be a family-oriented activity.  All members of the family are always invited to the pack meetings and pack events. Parents/guardians are also responsible for guiding their Cub Scout through the ranks; they are the ones who confirm that the requirements have been met.  

Kindergarten Parents: A parent or adult partner is required to attend all Lionden meetings, outings, and pack events along with their son and assist with the den program.  One Lion parent will volunteer to be the Den Leader and coordinate the activities of the den.  The Den Leader can not run the Den alone; it is up to you to assist your Den Leader in any way possible.  


Dos Picos Camp Out 2016
Boy Scouts of America is recognized as an organization that helps create well-adjusted adults that take an active role in the community. Just as the community helps scouting (such as participating in fundraisers), scouts help the community by performing service projects. Pack 752 sponsors several service projects throughout the year.  Past service projects include such things as Scouting for Food, beach cleanups, and holiday caroling.

Chartered Organization

The Pack is chartered by the First Presbyterian Church of Oceanside, located at 2001 S. El Camino Real.  They provide us a place to meet, and ensure that we have quality leaders. They have a direct hand in creating a program worthy of the boys.  For more information about First Presbyterian Church, visit their webpage at