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Boy Scout Troop 30
(Knoxville, Tennessee)
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Welcome to the troop 30 public site!

Welcome to the homepage for Boy Scout Troop 30. This page is designed and maintained by boys in Troop 30 Knoxville. We hope you like our site! Our Scout troop meets at Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 4904 Asheville Hwy, Knoxville, Tennessee 37917 on Monday night's from 7:00 -8:30. We are a very active troop. Every month we go on a backpacking or camping expedition. During summertime we generally meet at the picnic pavilion outside if the weather cooperates. If we are not there, we meet inside the church. If you have questions, come to the meeting or contact us by using the contact button at the top of the screen. We hope to see you there!

Our New Venturing Patrol

Last year we began our first ever venturing team. This is for ages 14 to 21 and it is a lot of fun. Members of the troop can read about our new adventures in the private site. Outside members will be able to read about some of our special trips so keep your eyes open!

Public Venture Patrol - Boy Scout Troop 30 (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Why Join the Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts is a great way to experience the outdoors. Troop 30 goes on outings every month. This is not common in most troops. Even if you don't go every month, just a few outdoor outings a year have been proven to have a good effect on you. Before you decide whether to join our troop, we suggest that you joins us for one of our monthly outings. We are sure it will be a fun experience for you. Just contact us and we can give you more information about our outings.

To learn more about why scouting is so beneficial, go to the Boy Scouts of America web page.

Our Wiki page

We have just added a Wki page and you can go to it right now. It tells more about our troop the link is "" I hope you enjoy it!

Where we are

HTML Coding

Our admin has taken up html coding in hope of a better site in the future.

We have recently taken the boy scout digital technology merit badge and it has motivated us to code on the website.

Expect to see more creative pages on our website.

A new chapter in our history...

Check it out on the wiki page

2018 winter

(T30 - 02/24/18) What walks, crouches, creeps, crawls, slithers and slides? What slept in a darkness that has never seen the light of the sun? What, for a brief time, inhabited an environment of a constant 56 degrees and 100 percent humidity?