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Boy Scout Troop 397
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Boy Scout Troop 397

Boy Scout Troop 397 is made up of boys and their families from the area surrounding Brownsburg, Pittsboro, and Avon, Indiana. Although Troop 397 is a boy-led Troop, our program depends on the guidance and participation of parents who make up the leadership of the troop and help support activities throughout the year.

We welcome and encourage parents to participate in our troop's activities during the year. All meetings, outings, and events are open to parents at any time.

Troop 397 is chartered through the Boy Scouts of America in the Crossroads of America CouncilHou Koda DistrictSt. Malachy Parish, our chartered organization, sponsors our troop to the BSA.

Several Troop 397 Scouts are members of the Setting Sun Ember of Firecrafter.

Troop 397 status

Troop 397's current status is: READY