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Cub Scout Pack 578
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Nothing in life is free.  This is true even for Scouting, a not for profit organization.  With a Pack as active as we are, it can be very expensive to participate in every event your child would like to.  How we get around this is with fundraising.  Every fall we have three fundraisers during the month of October.  We sell Pecatonica River popcorn, the official fundraiser of the BSA, Evergreen wreaths and Racine Kringles.  We sell popcorn again in March, just in time for summer camp registration. 

There are also administrative costs that are incurred each year to run the pack.  Our expectation is for each boy to raise $350 in fundraising sales per SCHOOL year.  If your family chooses to not participate in the fundraisers, it is expected that you pay a $100 buyout fee per boy.  We also have scout accounts set up for each boy and a tier system in place that specifies the events the pack will pay for your son depending upon the amount of sales he has earned. 

The specifics of the the tier system and scout accounts are outlined in the private section of this site.  Your son must be a member of our pack to receive access.