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Cub Scout Pack 27
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To qualify for membership, a boy must be in Kindergarten through 5th grade, complete an application, and pay the registration fee.  The national fee for one calendar year is $33.  If you would like to also subscribe to Boyslife magazine, add $12 for a one year subscription (this is optional).  
We have registration forms at each Pack meeting or you can print out your own copy at the link- Youth Application.
All Youth are expected to participate in the Annual Popcorn Sale fundraiser in the Fall.  Full participation is important in order to ensure that we can deliver a quality program.  The youth can sell to friends and family, set-up an online page, or participate in one of our sale booths at Walmart. 
The proceeds from the Popcorn Sale Fundraiser go to the troop to help fund neckerchiefs, slides, handbooks, recognition awards and patches throughout the year, craft supplies, pinewood derby kits, and other programming costs.
In the Spring, the Scouts are encouraged to participate in the Annual Camp Card Sale.  These are discount cards for local businesses.  The proceeds from the sale of each card goes to the Scout's own Camp Fund to help pay for Summer Camp.
Additionally, for our 5th graders preparing to Crossover this year, there will be opportunities for our Arrow of Light Scouts to start building up their camp fund with the Troop by helping at their main fundraiser- a food booth at the Log Village during Old Threshers.  In order to work at these events and start earning for his Troop Camp Fund, the 5th graders must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at the event. 
In order to provide a great program, the Pack needs adult participation.  The more adults we have involved, the less work any one person has to do.  As the saying goes- "Many hands make light work."  Some Pack positions require that the adult be registered- such as den leader, committee chair, treasurer, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, etc.

To qualify for membership, an adult must submit an adult application and background check, pay registration fee, and complete Youth Protection Training.  The national registration fee is $33for the year.  We have adult applications available at Pack meetings or you can print out your own.  The application is also available online at this link- Adult Application.  Youth Protection Training (YPT) is available in person or online.  The online training is fairly simple and requires 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on how fast you move through the material.  Here is the link for a webpage that describes what safeguards have been put in place to protect the youth and directions on how to take YPT online.