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2017's long range trip is New England.

Headliners = ????

Lessons Learned powerpoint attached.
Icon File Name Comment  
Out West Trips Lesson Learned (20141118).pptx Lessons Learned (after 2014)  
TripLocations_StateDollarValues_20150709.pdf Costs of Living by State (higher cost areas will cost more for everything; food, gas, lodging, parks, attractions, etc.  

Summer Camp

Looking for the best camps in New England.

  • Dining Hall
  • Preferably 6 weeks
  • Themes for the week
  • Special offering (something more than the local camps)
  • Far away (i.e., not within 300 miles unless really compelling)


Map of attractions and camps below.



Pale = haven't checked
Green = good (above average)
Purple = too far west / out of the way
Blue = not far enough
Gray = didn't make the cut
light gray = didn't make the cut

black = not good




Camp List

Tier 1 (best available)
(dark green on map)

 Name  Location  Dining Swimming   Comments  Cost
 Curtis S. Read  NY (Adirondacks)  Dining Hall    very broad program for all ages with horseback riding (Horsemanship MB), zip line, Low COPE, High COPE, caving (HA and beginning), rock climbing  
 Hidden Valley (Griswold)  NH (southern)  Dining Hall    good variety of program and older boy options  

NY has a restriction on youth under 12 using firearms.  So those joining this year won't be able to shoot.

Tier 2 (better than average but not quite as good as Tier 1)
(light green almost yellow on map)

Name  Location   Dining Swimming   Comments  Cost
 Massaweppie  NY (Adirondacks)      Good all around camp with older boy treks  
 Yawgoog  RI      Runs to Sunday which may cause issues with return trip.  Lost of aquatics.  Extra programs cost extra.  430
 Nexus (Wah-tut-ca and TL Storer)  NH      MA Council but camp is in NH.  Revised program in 2nd year in 2017.  Looks good but not sure if have all kinks worked out.  Different weeks have different specialties.  
 Hinds  ME      pistols but not much else noteworthy  415

Camp Guides saved below.

(getting errors so some may be missing)