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T746 information packet

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Philmont 2013 Information Meeting 20120817.pdf T746 Philmont 2013 information handout - 20120817 meeting  

Advisore Meetings

Advisor Meetings

The Philmont 2013 Advisor Meeting dates are posted below. The meetings will be held in the President’s Room at the Baltimore Area Council Service Center. The meetings start at 7:30 pm and we make every effort to conclude by 9:00 pm, usually a few minutes earlier. It is our expectation the lead adult advisor for each crew will attend these meetings. However, it is important that at least one adult member from each crew attend. All adults participating in a crew are welcome. We prefer youth members of crews do not attend these meetings.


Philmont 2013 Advisor Meetings

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012

Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013

Tuesday Jun 11, 2013


7:30 – 9:00 pm

Baltimore Area Council Service Center

701 Wyman Park Drive

Baltimore, MD 21211


Outdoor Training

We will provide a one-day outdoor training opportunity for Crew Leaders and crew adults. We anticipate this outdoor training day will be held at Camp Spencer, Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation,  in late March. It is very important the youth Crew Leader and the lead adult advisor attend this outdoor training. All crew adults are encouraged to attend.

Program Survey

Each youth will fill out the survey ranking each activity from 20 (must do) to 0 (don't care) to -20 (absolutely don't do).

This will allow the crew advisers and crew leaders to present the rest of the crew with potential itineraries once they are given out by Philmont (spring 2013).
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Philmont_Program_Survey-2012.doc Program Survey  


See file below for Philmont's suggested packing list.
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Philmont Packing List.pdf Philmont Gear Checklist  

Youth Leadership Positions

Crew Leader:

  • Responsible for the overall success of the expedition, and safety, comfort and participation of each individual
  • Represents the crew in meetings and decision making
  • Sees that crew operates efficiently and strictly within the rules and regulations of Philmont and BSA
  • Communicates and coordinates with adult advisors
  • Develops daily rotating duty roster and supervises its operation
  • Directly supervises Chef, Firechief, and Pathfinder
  • Becomes thoroughly familiar with itinerary and carries a Philmont map
  • Is responsible for "No Trace" camping
  • Completes base camp reports and paperwork both before and after trek

Assistant Crew Leader:

  • Responsible for all duties of Crew Leader as necessary
  • Supervises Chaplain, Chronicler, and Medic
  • Supervises camp improvement/conservation project
  • Serves as Quartermaster and keeps up with location and proper use of all crew equipment
  • Distributes crew gear and food packets daily
  • In charge of setting up the dining fly and tents
  • Serves as “bear bag” man and expert on what goes into the bag

Pathfinder (Naviguesser):

  • Responsible for determining correct location and trail choices
  • Carries a Philmont Map and a good compass
  • Becomes thoroughly familiar with itinerary and regularly confers with Crew Leader on distances, schedule, and location
  • Takes sightings and map checks at each cross trail and accounts for 11 degree declination
  • Monitors crew location at all times


  • Supervises two cooks and all meal preparation (does not do the cooking)
  • Responsible for efficient, timely, attractive preparation and serving of meals
  • Assures proper amount of water for cooking
  • Reads food preparation instructions fully before opening food packets, lays out food packages in proper order for meal preparation before cooking or serving anything
  • Puts wash water on stove as soon as finished with cooking tasks
  • Is exempt from most rotating duties


  • Responsible for all fires
  • Lights all stoves and wood fires as necessary
  • Keeps up with fuel supply, refueling stoves and seeing that stoves are turned off when not needed
  • Ensures that fires are dead out, cleans out fireplaces, and assures “leave no trace” fires
  • Sees that a small wood pile is left for next crew

Medic/Safety Officer:

  • Responsible for health and welfare of all crew members
  • In charge of (and carries) the First Aid Kit
  • Renders First Aid when necessary (along with advisor)
  • Treats all drinking water with purifiers and sanitizes scrubwater
  • In charge of (and carries) water purifier chemicals
  • Inspects cooking gear after each meal cleanup for sanitation
  • Reviews all medical records with advisers
  • Monitors crew regularly for sunburn, dehydration, hypothermia, foot problems, heat stroke and other ailments, and keeps advisors informed


  • Responsible for carrying the devotional book
  • Conducts a short daily devotional
  • Assembles crew for meals and leads crew in "Philmont Grace"
  • Conducts the sabbath devotional
  • Checks on attitude and outlook of each crew member daily and coordinates with medic concerning health and welfare of each member
  • Arranges for crew attendance at religious services at base camp
  • Makes bed check each night and reports to advisors on camp security

Chronicler (Historian):

  • Responsible for the Crew Journal or Chronicle
  • Keeps a daily record of trek (altitude, trails, weather, wildlife, flora, fauna, sites, camps, trails, events, activities,  participation)
  • Writes a report each evening giving full account of the day
  • Sees that postcards are written/mailed home by each crew member
  • Distributes mail
  • Arranges sightseeing and museum visits

ROTATING Camp Duties (Crew Leader prepares a daily roster) (Cooks for the day do not share rotating duties)(each job shown below has two positions)  

  • Water (WT)    Water retrieval and purification (for meals – not individuals)
  • Cooks (CK)   Cooks (chef supervises the cooks)
  • Clean Up (CU)    Meal & Site cleanup (including carrying garbage & trash)
  • Dining Fly (DF)    Dining fly setup and takedown
  • Bear Bag (BB)    Bear bag hanging and takedown
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philmont_crew_positions.doc Philmont Crew Youth Leadership Positions  

Pack Weights

Pack weight can be a big factor in the enjoyment of a trip.  Recommended pack weight is dependent upon individual size and preference but the optimum is approximately 20% of body weight.

Backpack Weight
Fraction 1/7 1/6 1/5 1/4 1/3
Percent 14% 17% 20% 25% 33%
Weight (lbs) Very Light Light Normal Heavy Very Heavy
60 9 10 12 15 20
70 10 12 14 18 23
80 11 13 16 20 27
90 13 15 18 23 30
100 14 17 20 25 33
110 16 18 22 28 37
120 17 20 24 30 40
130 19 22 26 33 43
140 20 23 28 35 47
150 21 25 30 38 50
160 23 27 32 40 53
170 24 28 34 43 57
180 26 30 36 45 60
190 27 32 38 48 63
200 29 33 40 50 67
210 30 35 42 53 70
220 31 37 44 55 73
230 33 38 46 58 77
240 34 40 48 60 80
250 36 42 50 63 83
*Weight includes water, food, shelter (tent), etc.

Youth Leadership Position - Selections

The boys have selected their leaders as such:

Crew Leader = John
Asst. Crew Leader = Eric
Map Reader / Naviguesser = RC
Chef = Ian

Firechief = Chef = Ian
Medic / Safety =
Chaplain =
Historian =

Itinerary Selection

Based on the Youth Crew preferences for the different activities the following itineraries from 2012 come to the top of the list #19 followed by four others with the highest priority activities.

Below are multiple files.

- Overall 2012 itinerary guide

- activity preferences

- selected itineraries based preferences

- other

Also, to get the best itineraries I crossed off all ones with Horses as this was everyone's least favorite activity.  This left a smaller list and then I crossed off all ones with 3 dry camps (the ones with no water).  That left only a few and the best five are below.

19 - 71 mi -
25 - 78 mi -
15 - 66 mi
23 - 73 mi
27 - 83 mi

15 - no Baldy or Phillips so dropped
31 to 35, dropped as super strenuous

Most of the top 5 hit Baldy, Phillips, Continental Tie & Lumber, lots of shooting, etc.

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ActivityPreferences.pdf Youth activity preferences  
Itineraries_2012.pdf 2012 itinerary guide  
Programs.pdf Program matrix (activities by trek number)  
Trek15.pdf Summary Trek 15  
Trek19.pdf Summary Trek 19  
Trek22.pdf Summary Trek 22  
Trek23.pdf Summary Trek 23  
Trek25.pdf Summary Trek 25  
Trek27.pdf Summary Trek 27