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Menu Cards - overview

Menu cards are index cards with a single meal for a patrol of eight.  The purpose of the menu card is to stream line selection of menus for camping trips, make it easy to buy for the trip, and provide detailed directions to cook the meal. This keeps the boys (and adults) from having the same meals over and over.  It also ensures the proper amounts are purchased.

The card has as a title the meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Snack) and name of the recipe (e.g., pancakes and sausage).  The card includes a list of ingredients (used for shopping), list of all supplies needed to prepare, cook, and serve the meal (pots, pans, dutch oven, spatula, etc), and cooking/serving directions.  Finally the cards are covered in clear contact paper so they last more than a single trip.

The cards should be kept in the Patrol box in an index card box at the Troop meeting place.  Menus selected go on trips and are returned to the box.  If damaged they are to be replaced.

If patrols are larger or smaller than 8 the menus can be modified accordingly.

Below are sample cards (organized by meal).  Some are formatted for index cards and others for regular letter size paper (to be put into sheet protectors).

To accumulate a large number of cards (and variety of meals) patrols should have members bring cards to each meeting in a single month.  Each week is a different meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert).  This can be a gateway activity with cards and cook books provided for those that forget.  In this way the menu card box includes at least one meal each boy likes that can be selected for camping trips.  If any new meals are selected for a camping trip a menu card needs to be created.

At some point the menu cards are reviewed by an adult for proper proportions and nutritional value.  This eliminates the need to scrutinize menus before every camping trip.

Guidelines and Proportions

Keep in mind what resources have available on camping trips and projected prep and cooking times.

Proportions should be for a patrol of eight.  Some guidelines to follow are below:
  • Milk = 1 gallon
  • Orange Juice = 1 gallon
  • Bread = 1 loaf
  • [add more]




Dessert and Snack

Menu Cards

Below is a link to a Drop Box account with all of the menu cards to date.  They are in Word (doc format) and fit on a portrait letter page. The originals were in WordPerfect and formatted for a 3*5 index card so the formatting is off on some.  There are a variety of meals.  If you have any to add send to Mr. Erik and he will update the files.  Most of the meals are for the dutch oven (i.e., quick and easy).