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PLC narrowed choices from 4 down to 2.  Exploring 2 options to give entire Troop some input on the decision making process.  Want to have a trip fleshed out for the summer so can have a 10 month payment plan.

  • California (San Francisco, Yosemite, Redwood)
  • New England (Acadia, Mt. Washington, Lake Placid, Delaware Water Gap)
  • Colorado (Rocky Mtn, Pike's Peak, USAF Academy, Mesa Verde)
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona)
The Colorado trip won out.  We will be concentrating efforts on planning this trip.  Reservations need to be made a year ahead of time so need to rush on this.
Icon File Name Comment  
Long Range Trip Planning - Colorado.doc Trip Summary - Colorado  
Long Range Trip Summary - GrandCanyon.doc Trip Summary - Arizona  

Camp Comparison

Have narrowed the options to:
  • Camp Alexander
  • Camp Dobbins
  • Camp Jeffrey
All camps have pros and cons.  Have an Excel file for comparison.
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Camp Comparison - Denver Area 2010.xls Camp comparison (20100603_1315)  
KOA campgrounds has sites all over the US, has group facilities at most locations, and has a Scout discount program.

Participating KOA campgrounds are offering Scouts and their leader's special discount rates, as well as free use of group pavilions and other facilities. KOA Scout Program discount rates include:

  • A $5.00 per Scout/Troop leader rate on camping fees, as well as free use of group pavilion facilities. The $5.00 rate applies to RV or tent sites with a minimum of 5 Scouts and 1 Troop leader.
  • A 10% discounted fee will apply to all Scout usage of KOA Kabin, Kottage and Lodge accommodations.
  • The Scout rate is available only when reservations are made directly through the campground. The rate is not valid with internet reservations or with Hot Deals.

Icon File Name Comment  
KOA Scout Program.pdf Details of Scout Program (same as link above)  
KOA_GroupFacilities_AZ.pdf KOA group faciliites, AZ  
KOA_GroupFacilities_CO.pdf KOA group faciliites, CO  
KOA_GroupFacilities_NV.pdf KOA group faciliites, NV  
KOA_GroupFacilities_UT.pdf KOA group faciliites, UT  
KOA_GroupFacilities_WY.pdf KOA group faciliites, WY  

Merit Badges

It may be possible for the boys to earn merit badges while on the trip that tie into the area we are visiting.  Most would be partials but many of the animal study merit badges have an observation component that would easily be completed while on the trip.

Below is a list of the merit badges and potential for completion on the trip.

Merit Badge Long Range Trip Suitable Notes Completion
American Cultures Yes if pick Native American partial
Astronomy YES location maybe
Automotive Maintenance yes vehicle time partial
Backpacking YES vehicle time partial
Bird Study YES location, observation maybe
Camping YES activities partial
Cooking YES vehicle time; can't do cooking though partial
First Aid Yes vehicle time YES
Fish & Wildlife Management YES location, observation partial
Fishing yes will need license and gear, better at camp maybe
Fly Fishing yes will need license and gear, better at camp maybe
Forestry YES location partial
Geocaching YES activities YES
Geology YES Rock collection partial
Hiking yes vehicle time partial
Indian Lore YES location partial
Insect Study YES location, observation partial
Mammal Study yes location, observation almost
Nature yes location, observation YES
Photography YES location partial, meet with George
Plant Science yes location, observation partial
Railroading YES location, observation partial
Reptile & Amphibian Study yes vehicle time, observation partial
Scouting Heritage YES vehicle time, interview partial
Soil & Water Conservation YES location partial

Icon File Name Comment  
Merit Badges.xls Merit badge list and comments on completion on trip