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Pack 1965 is always looking for adult volunteers to help our Cub Scouts.  We have several key positions currently open without an adult volunteer.  Please contact us if you would like to find out how you can volunteer to support Pack 1965 and our Cub Scouts.

Q. If I don’t know much about camping and the outdoors, how could I be a good Scout leader?


A. Being a good Scout leader requires more than knowing how to camp. However, the Scouting program does provide outdoor training classes for leaders with beginning, intermediate, and advanced outdoor skills.  Additionally, other parents and leaders will provide support and assistance during scouting events and meetings.

Q. My family is very busy; how would I have time to be an effective leader?

A.You will not have to carry the responsibilities alone. Other leaders and parents in your unit will lend a hand by using their skills to teach the youth or assist with special projects, enabling you to be an effective leader and parent.

Q. Can women be Boy Scout leaders?

A. Yes. Every leadership position is open to women. In fact, more than one-third of Scout volunteers are women.

Q. Is training available?

A. There are a variety of training sessions available, specific to the leadership position you hold. For example, as a new leader, training is available immediately to enable you to run your first meeting successfully. More in-depth training is provided throughout the year, and monthly roundtable meetings enable you and other leaders to share ideas on how to organize fun and exciting activities for youth.  Additionally, any Cub Scout related training that you must pay in order to attend will be reimbursed by our Pack.

Q. How do I know what activities are age appropriate for Cub Scouts?

A. Scout handbooks list a variety of advancement activities appropriate for the age of the youth in each program. You can also find other books at your local Scout shop with ideas to make your meetings and events more interesting.

Q. How do I know what to do with the Scouts?

A. The Cub Scout Program Helps through your local Scout shop, provides a theme for each month and ideas for games, skits, crafts, experiments, and activities. There are also other resources available through the local Scout shop and online that provide ideas and activities.

Q. I do not like speaking in public. Are there volunteer positions I can hold that do not require me to speak to the Pack.

A. There are several volunteer positions within the Pack that require less public speaking.  In fact, many of them are currently available or will be at the end of this scouting year.  Those positions include: Advancement Chair, Popcorn kernel, Treasurer, Outdor Activity Chair, Religious Emblems Coordinator, Pack Trainer, Secretary, Public Relations Chair, Membership Chair, Webmaster/Social Media, and several others.  For more information on a specific position, please contact the Pack 1965 Committee Chair, Tim Davis, at