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Cub Scout Pack 3168
(Washington, Illinois)
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Day Pack for Cub Scouts

Scouts should be bringing there Day Pack to every den meeting, pack meeting, outing and camp outs.

1. Rain Gear (Could be as simple as a Poncho)
2. Water Bottle or Hydration pack
3. First Aid Kit ( Something very small and basic preferably in water tight zip lock bag)
4. Emergency Whistle
5. Flash light or head light with extra set of batteries.
6. Sun Screen (Sunglasses might be nice as well)
7. Bug Spray
8. Hat
9. Knife (Must carry whittling chip as well)
10. Possibly extra clothes if changing weather ( Not necessary)

Camping Gear Check list

This is a comprehensive list but may not include everything. Use it as a guide.

1. Tent
2. Sleeping system rated to meet current weather conditions. (This should be some kind of insulated sleeping pad, Sleeping bag, Pillow)
3. Day pack
4. Extra shoes and Socks more then you think you need.
5. Class A and B uniforms
6. Clothes,Coats Jackets Gloves appropriate for current weather conditions.
7. Toiletries and medicines
8. BSA Medical from.
9. Lawn Chairs
10. Optional Mess Kit

Below is an attachment I found that may be useful as well.

Icon File Name Comment  
Individual Campout Check list for Overnighter.PDF Individual campout chack list for overnighter.