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2019 Popcorn Program

It's that time again, our biggest fundraiser of the year! In order for Pack 752 to continue offering the best adventures for your Scout, we rely on money earned from this sale. 73% of all money earned from this sale goes directly back to local Scouting, and about 34% of our total sales goes to Pack 752 (it can be more for online sales!) Not only is there a tremendous financial benefit for the Pack by participating in this sale, Scouts learn valuable skills, and have fun in the process! Remember, Scouts do not just sell popcorn; they are FUNDING THE ADVENTURES in Scouting! Our Pack goal this year is $23,000 in sales. 

What Is New This Year:

Each Scout with sales of $1,500 or more and those who find a Mystery House will receive 2 tickets to a private viewing of... 

Image result for crimes of grindelwald 

In November 2017! 

Check out the Preview

We have opened our sale earlier this year, August 1st for online sales and in September for all other kinds of individual scout sales, ask for your order sheet or to consign inventory from the popcorn kernel. Get extra sales by starting early, or get your sales out of the way before school and fall activities get too busy.

Online sales are going to be HOT this year!!! Go now to to sign up for your account or renew from last year. Online sales will earn a 50% commission for the Pack (vs. 34% commission on standard items).

Sales Goals:

Below are the goals established by our pack leadership

  • $9,125 in total popcorn sales and donations (same as last year)
  • $400 per Scout
  • $100.00 per Scout - online sales
  • 6 hours per Scout - Show and Sell  Hours

The "per scout" target of $400 can be satisfied in any manner you choose.  For instance, a scout could reach his goal by selling $100 online, $300 via take order, or earn the full $400 from doing Show and Sells. 

Direct pack donations are welcome from anyone approached during popcorn sales activities. Donations can be marked on take order sheets but must be tracked and totaled separately from actual popcorn sales. Military donation sales ARE a line item for popcorn sales ($30 or $50) and are to be recorded on your sales sheets that are turned in.

Yes you can accept checks as we have never had any issues with cashing them. Please have them made out to ‘BSA’ and they should be turned in promptly to avoid cashing delays to the customer. You are responsible for the payment on all popcorn delivered, if it is a good friend or family member, it is ok if they pay you by check and you pay us in full for your order, either with cash or personal check. Many parents find it easier to pay by single check at the October or November Pack meeting instead of counting and recounting cash.


Selling Online: Our Pack gets 50% Commission
Online sales are going to be HOT this year!!! Go now to to sign up for your account or renew from last year. Online sales will earn a 50% commission for the Pack (vs. 34% commission on standard items).
  • The Scout Registers for his online account  at
  • The Scout communicates  via email, social media, phone, and so on, to potential or existing customers. The  Customer can go online and purchase popcorn from the scouts personal landing page
  • The Product is shipped directly from Trail’s End to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.

Tips for Making Popcorn Sales Pop: 
  • It’s just a numbers game. The more houses or family members a scout asks to buy, the more they’ll sell. 
  • Sell the ADVENTURE of Scouting, and the popcorn will sell itself.
  • Sell the actual product with consigned popcorn. We call it “Show and Deliver.” The customer sees the product is available right then and there and will be more likely to buy.
  • Tell the boys to be professional and use manners. Make sure they introduce themselves and explain what they’re doing. 
  • Include a sticker on the items with the scouts name, a thank you for FUNDING THE ADVENTURE, and a phone number to call for future sales….this a done by national top sellers whose customers will remember the scout next year. 
Mystery Popcorn House: 

As an additional incentive, this year, San Diego-Imperial Council has chosen certain houses to my Mystery Popcorn Houses! Be the first scout to sell popcorn at one of the mystery houses and you will receive a special patch. The official start date is September 1st. We have 100 Mystery Popcorn Houses spread throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. The first Scout to make a popcorn sale at a Mystery Popcorn House will receive the special patch and a Golden Ticket from the homeowner! The Golden Ticket will be good for the Scout and 1 Adult to attend the Star Wars The Last Jedi Private Movie Premier in December.

Once announced, clues to each house can be found at Additional clues will be posted on the website until all houses have been found.  

Prizes and Rewards: 
  • The popcorn patch is awarded to all scouts who sell any popcorn, extra pieces of the patch are awarded for online sales, military donation sales, and be a top seller by selling at least $1,500 
  • Receive individual toy and scout prizes from Trail-End 
  • Shortly after the October Pack meeting your scout will receive a letter indicating their total sales and breakdown for prize eligibility.
  • If you sell over $2,500, you get a 6% credit into a college scholarship account. In future years, get the 6% credits whether you hit $2,500 again or not from TrailsEnd
  • Sales over $600 earn a choice of Z-Curve Bow with 2 Firetek Rockets or Camp Cooking Set with Utensils
  • Sales over $1500 will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and earn tickets to the Crimes of Grindlewald

Parent Key Dates

August 1: Online sale begins 

August 24th- Popcorn Kick Off 6:15 FPC Come learn about popcorn flavors, sample popcorn and perfect your sales pitch. Get all the details about this years Popcorn Sale!

August 18th- Popcorn Rally: 4pm-8pm Camp Balboa

August 19 – October 20: Sale Starts with take order sheets and available inventory from your popcorn kernel

October ??? Show and Sell events, more information to come. Signup Genius to be distributed mid-September         

October 20th -Pack Meeting: Sale Ends - All take order forms due and any money collected may be turned.

November 10th- Pack Meeting: All monies due from sale must be turned in – Prize selections based on sales levels turned in at the end of November.

November 18th-Take Orders Distribution

December 2017: Movie Premiere, all scouts over $1500 in sales will attend this gala with one guest 

January 19th Pack Meeting: All Trails End prizes distributed to scouts.

Show and Sell Dates


Keep checking this site to find out more exciting information about the Popcorn Squad!!
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