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Chesterfield County Police - Forensic Unit Visit

January 24th 2017

Chesterfield County Police Department - Forensic Unit paid our pack a visit to show them about forensic materials and ways they use them, the boys all enjoyed the visit very much and even had the opportunity to help with some of their own forensic investigation skills. Thank You Chesterfield Police Department!


Pack 2862 Bear Den was able to raise $600 towards the A.M. Davis Backpack Program which provided food to children who qualify. The Bears also had a Dinner at Providence United Methodist Church to help with funds. Congratulations Bears on a successful service project.

Virginia State Police / Med-Flight 1

Pack 2862 had the opportunity to visit with the Virginia State Police Aviation Unit in Chesterfield, VA and get an up close look at the aircraft. The boys had the chance to meet the crew of Med-Flight 1, which is a Air Ambulance service that is piloted by Virginia State Police and has two Chesterfield Fire and EMS paramedics. Cub Scouts were able to ask questions, get an inside look of the aircraft and eat lunch with the crew. An added bonus of our visit, the State Police received a mission in northern Virginia, so the boys were allowed to watch the aircraft takeoff and see the pilot give them a special wave goodbye. Thank you Virginia State Police and Med-Flight 1 crew.

Chesterfield Fire Station 20

In November, Pack 2862 went to Chesterfield Fire and EMS Station 20 on Courthouse Road. During the visit the cubs were given a brief fire and life safety class, had the opportunity to watch the ambulance crew respond to real call, tour of the equipment and were even given a little homework by Lt. Coleman (which they all completed). THANK YOU goes out to the entire crew that answered all the questions from both cub scouts and their parents.