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Boy Scout Troop 288
(La Crescenta, California)
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BSA welcomes girls and young women into the Scouting BSA program.  It is the same program that has helped young men to gain leadership and outdoor skills while having fun for over a hundred years.  Troop 288 is proud to have an ALL GIRL Unit, and welcomes every girl aged 11-17 to join us.  Contact Brigitte Schwing (Scoutmaster) for additional information. 
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Horseback Riding 12-8-19.pdf Horseback Ride (Recruitment Event)  
Recruitment Girl.pdf Recruitment Flyer  
Rock Climbing.jpg Rock Climbing (Recruitment Event)  
Veterans Day.pdf Veterans Day Community Service  

November 2019
Date Day Event Activity Trek Leaders
5 Tues Troop Mtg    
9 Sat  Community Service Scouting For Food
Volunteer Sign Up
Mr. Kilgore
11 Mon American Legion Post 288 Veterans Day Ceremony Ms. Newgard
11 Mon Leader Mtg Committee Meeting Mr. Kilgore 
12 Tues Troop Mtg BOR   
16  Sat  Day Outing  Rock Climbing Recruitment Event  Mr. Harper / Ms. Starbuck 
17  Sun  Adults Only  Adult Appreciation Dinner @ 4pm 
Info / RSVP
Schwing / Kilgore / Dodson / Newgard 
19 Tues Troop Mtg COH  
23  Sat  Merit Badge Class  Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge  Mrs. Snyder 
26 Tues Troop Mtg    
December 2019
Date Day Event Activity Trek Leaders
3 Tues Troop Mtg    
7 Sat American Legion Post 288 Montrose Christmas Parade  
Sun  Day Outing  Horseback Ride Recruitment Event  Mrs. Harper / Ms. Starbuck 
9 Mon Leader Mtg Committee Meeting  
10 Tues Troop Mtg BOR   
14  Sat  Merit Badge Class  Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge  Mr. Turner 
17 Tues Troop Mtg    
24 Tues NO Troop Mtg    
31 Tues NO Troop Mtg