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New Cub Scout Info - Pack 1993

 My Scout and I are ready to join the Pack, now what?

- *Fill out a Youth Application and an Adult Application for each Scout and each parent/adult partner that want to join

- Make a payment by check, cash or credit card

                        *Registration - $2/mth for membership through Dec, per person (adult and Scout)

                        *Dues - $10/mth (You may pay current month only or pay ahead, as you wish)

                        Boy’s Life - $1/mth (optional)


My Scout and I are registered, now what?

- Head to your friendly neighborhood Scout Store at 1501 N Raymond Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

            *Belt - $8 sm, $9 med, $10 lg

            *Shirt - $25

            Handbook - $9 paperback or $15 spiral bound (available online but most boys prefer a physical copy)

            Neckerchief - $7

            Tie Slide - $5

            Baseball cap - $13

            World Scout Crest emblem - $1.50

            OC district patch - $2.50

            Unit # patch – $1.50/numeral ($3.50 for 1993 patch from our Pack)

            If you would like a list of Adult Volunteer uniform items, just ask. J

- *Adult members go to, register (your registration number will be available after you application has been processed), and complete Youth Protection Training


We’re ready to start, now what?

- Every Scout begins with the Bobcat Trail which is the first section in every Handbook

- Check out and register on your Pack website at; this will get you notifications of upcoming activities, meetings and opportunities

- Look through the Handbook with your Scout and get familiar with all the activities and achievements he’ll be experiencing this year, then register on to start tracking his progress

- Come to the next Pack Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month (3rd in Dec) at the Elks Lodge at 1400 Elks View Ln  Fullerton, CA 92836, the next Den Meeting on the 1st and 2nd Tuesday of each month at Rolling Hills Elementary, or the next planned activity (check the calendar!)