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Space Coast Lightfest

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Unit Contact Information and Sign-up Sheet

Unit Type and Number _______ Phone Number __________________

Unit Lightfest Coordinator ___________________________________

E-mail Address  ____________________________________________

On site Cell phone contact name and number


Unit Santa needs a suit     Yes______   No______

Date Preferences:

#1________________      #2_______________   #3________________       

#4________________      #5_______________   #6________________

If we cannot get any of your top six dates, what days of the week are you not available?______________________________________________

By filling out and returning this form we agree to the commissions stated on the form and we acknowledge the receipt and understanding of the information provide on the back of this paper.

____________________________________   Signature of Coordinator


Important Info


1)     This application must be turned in before you can be assigned a date. 

2)     Dates will be assigned by a lottery. 

3)     They must be turned in to Sally Richardson by Aug 15 2015.

4)     All units will be required to provide a Santa for their day, we can provide the suit.

5)     We strongly suggest for your concession booth that you stick to hot chocolate, popcorn or something equally simple and easy. 

6)     All units must be at Lightfest, ready to work no later than 5:15pm.  The unit coordinator must be there by 5:15pm

7)     You will be responsible for your youth and ensuring their safety as they are working the Lightfest. Youth are not allowed to walk around the park - you must designate a driver to take them to and from their positions for shift changes, bathroom breaks, etc.

8)     You will need to provide your own flashlights for when you are working.

      9)   If you are unable to make your date please give the committee at least 24 hours’ notice.

    10)  Units are not permitted to have holiday parties or Unit meetings during their scheduled shift at 


    11)  If your unit is assigned a Thursday or Friday in December you will be responsible for the hayride                         as  well.  For this you will need at least one truck and driver to help with pulling.  Two                                 people to sell tickets and to put people on the hayride.   The weekend before Christmas is                         very busy and will need more trucks and more people.  Please only sign up for that day if                         you are a large unit.          

  12)   We expect private hayrides every night.  Each unit should have a vehicle available that can pull the           

            Hayrides and a Santa for the grotto.           


Commission for working Lightfest (after all bills have been paid).


1.  15% if you work the gate with the required number of people  (6-8 minimum adults)

2.  20% for #1 and attending training.

3.  30% for #1 and # 2 and providing at least 10 man hours of help during set up and 5 hours take down

4.  35% for  #1-3 and providing at least 3 different advertising spots.  (i.e.  Facebook post,  church             bulletin, school newspaper or marquee, business sign, direct email.  It does not count for doing              three facebook posts.  You need to do three different forms of advertising and you must show us             the advertising.) Posting on your unit website or facebook page is expected and does not count as             advertising.  Advertising is when you reach out to the public not other scouters.  You will have             access to printable flyers to use in your advertisement.  Please use these, do not make your own.              You are required to advertise the whole event not just your unit.  We will have coupon stands that             can be placed in different businesses let us know if you want any.


In the event of Lightfest being closed due to rain, your unit will be given the opportunity to work one of the committee days.  If you are unable to work a makeup day you will get up to 20% , provided           that you have completed steps 2-4.  Please note that all steps are cumulative, if you miss the              training you will only be able to get 15%, even if you do the advertising.  For training you only           need one person to represent your unit.  


Monies will be deposited in your unit account unless otherwise requested, after the event is over. You             must send your request to Shanna Richardson no later than Jan 1st .

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Lightfest Application.doc Lightfest Application  

Space Coast Lightfest is our Fall 2013 fundraiser.  Millions of lights are on display at Wickham Park.  We encourage you to attend.  Cost is $10/car, Monday through Thursdays, and $15/car, Friday through Sundays, November 18 to December 31.