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Cub Scout Pack 874
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Q: How old does my son have to be to join Cub Scouts?

    A: Boys age 7-10 (grades 1-5) may join Cub Scouts.  If you have completed the 5th grade or are age 11-17, you would need to join a Boy Scout Troop.  Boy Scout Troop 70 serves the St. Albans area.

Q: Where does the Cub Scout Pack meet?

    A: Pack 874 meets at St. Paul's Methodist Church at 11 Church Street, St Albans, VT.

Q: How often do the Cub Scouts meet?

    A: You can count on monthly pack meetings and weekly or bi-weekly meetings as a den during the program year, which is from Sept-June.  We also hold several special events during the program year like the Pinewood Derby, Water bottle rocket launch, and the Blue and Gold Banquet.  The Cub Master sets the yearly pack meeting schedule and den leaders set their own individual den meetings.

Q: Does my son have to get the whole uniform; or can he just have a shirt and hat?

    A: Pack 874 expects all boys to be uniformed, however we only require a waist up uniform. Parents will need to purchase the shirt, neckerchief, slide, appropriate patches and optional items, such as a Cub Scout belt, and hat.  You can anticipate a cost of about $70 for basic uniform costs.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

    A: The BSA sets the cost for enrollment at $33.00 a year. Pack 874 only requires parents to pay for the first year. The pack will pick up the registration fees thereafter.  You may also opt for a $12 annual subscription of Boy's Life Magazine.

Q: I would like to volunteer to be an adult leader in the pack.  What do I need to do?
    A: All adult leaders must complete a BSA application which requires you to provide your social security number. A background check will be conducted by the Green Mountain Council.  This is a national policy.  We (the Pack) are not given particular details regarding the background check results, just a yes/no regarding your eligibility.  You will also be asked to complete some basic leadership training for the selected position.  All leaders will need to visit MyScouting and complete Youth Protection Training prior to leading any meetings or events.

Q: What is the "Blue and Gold" banquet?   

    A:  A birthday ceremony for Cub Scouts, held in February. And, to explain "Blue and Gold" further, each color has a specific meaning in Cub Scouts. Blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. Gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.