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Cub Scout Pack 601
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BSA National Online Forms

Includes all forms published by BSA: Tour Permit, Applications, Awards, etc.

Cub Scout Application

All new scouts are required to complete an application. Annual Pack 601 Dues are $95.00.

For questions about completing the application, or about the Cub Scout Program, please contact Cubmaster Chris Federer. He can be reached by clicking on Contact Cubmaster.
Icon File Name Comment  
Youth Application Form 28-406 pdf.pdf BSA Youth Application  

Adult Leader Applications

Pack 601 has a very active leadership, dedication to the character development of each boy. Active parent participation is essential to ensure success of the Pack. Pack 601 leader positions are listed below. Positions that work with boys:
  • Cubmaster
  • Assistant Cubmaster
  • Den Leaders
  • Assistant Den Leaders
Positions that work with adults
  • Committee Chair
  • Pack Trainer
  • Treasurer
  • Advancement Coordinator
  • Chartered Organization Representative
  • Event Coordinators (various)
Adults interested in “Helping the Pack grow” should discuss their interests with the Cubmaster. All adult leaders must complete an application. All registration and training fees are paid by Pack 601.
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Adult Application Form 524-501A.pdf BSA Adult Application  

Medical Forms

Medical Forms may be required for participants of certain activities. See the event description or contact your leader for details on which form(s) may be required.

Fall Campout: EVERY member of the family attending this campout MUST have a new medical form on file. Complete parts A and B (No doctor sign-off required).

Resident Camp: EVERY scout and parent attending MUST have one of the new medical forms on file. Parts A, B and C (Doctor sign-off required on Part C)
Icon File Name Comment  
680-001_AB-Weekend Camping.pdf 2014 BSA Medical Form for Weekend Camping  
680-001_ABC Week Camping.pdf 2014 BSA Medical Form for Week long Camping (Require Doctor Approvel)