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Boy Scout Troop 870
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2017 JAN 20 Klondike Station

     We all were at Kinder PK sometime between 7 and 8 AM. Checked in and Station team when off to set up the Cold Weather First Aide Station.  We were B5 on the Map as Troops came by about every 40 minutes.  At first we were told we couldn't have a fire, but around noon we were told " Build them high" ", as long as they are off the ground.  That fire sure made it feel warmer, because the day was overcast and foggy in the morning and at round up.  Some how some "Bear showed up at our station, or was it Fluffy?  Either case, he helped with the hands on activity and even made some stare... what is that in the woods? 
     Ate lunch around noon, some ate all day, and jumped back into the sleds showing up. Putting stuff away, somehow, someone got stuck in the awning! As we were going down the muddy trail, to check in, the sled team showed up. Put it in Mr, Pete's trailer and went to ending ceremony.  Sled team was looking forward to the results. They had high hopes their 2008 would be good for 1st Place. Took a while to count up the sled teams totals, T870 got a 3Rd place.  Great Job Scouts!

Gaming Cabin Camping @ Camp Ware Scout Ranch

We packed up all our gaming gear and when off to a new camping Scout Ranch. It took us About 35 minutes to wheel all out gear, computers, game boxes, monitors and bags of cabling. The boys jumped right in and started hooking all their stuff up after dumping their stuff on a bunk.
Some of them tried to do an all nighter, but it got quiet around 2:30 in the morning. I guess they new they would start right back up in the morning. Others went to bed early 8:30 guess they were tired.
    Breakfast and Lunch was cooked by Smith's, Christopher was working on his Cooking badge.  Dinner was up to Mr Pete and Mr D. Smith, he brought all the food. Dave started a turkey in a dry cooker and a smaller one in the oven.  The Stove 4 burners were full with mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing and gravy. Cranberry, rolls were added and the scouts and scouters dinned on a fine turkey feast with all the trimmings.
     During the day there was two tournament going on. Guitar hero and computer game.  Mr. Joe made awards from paper plates and were awarded at the end of the tournaments. It took up most of the day and night.  There were board and card games played in between the tournament ladder play offs. Some took a few winks when the could.r     We Got up Sunday and breakfast was out troops normal "Donut" friendzy! seeing a mis-communication on who was to bring Sunday breakfast.  As we started to pack up it started to snow. It didn't last long but made the trip more rewarding.   The way I saw it, we will be doing this next year too!  All hand fun.

Bengie's Movies and Camping Night

It was a hot and humid night when we arrived at the out door theater.  It was Bengies 60th birthday. Some set there tents up and others got the back of their SUV ready to watch the movies ( Life of Pets, Sully & Start Trek ).  As you see by the picture, we got there early so the boys enjoyed the snack bar food and played some card games.  Some said the bugs were all over the place, and others said what bugs! The next morning most of us stopped at Micky-Ds and had some breakfast before returning home.  This event will be added to our yearly things to do.